2014 New Year’s Dinner

Presentation of the winners of the second SMA internal competition.

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos celebrates, this Christmas, the awards ceremony for the Second SMA Internal Competition for Innovation in Design. As a new initiative by the Media and Marketing department, an internal competition is held every two months on different themes, open to all members of the firm. This second competition sought a new proposal for the façade of a tower currently under development by the firm. The jury comprised Javier Sordo Madaleno de Haro, Director of Architecture, Jorge Isaías, Director of Projects, Andrés Harfuch, winner of the first SMA Internal Competition, and Rosalba Rojas, Director of Media and Marketing. The criteria taken into account were innovation, design and application, creativity, sustainability, and efficiency. Third place was awarded to Alejandro Espejel, who presented a façade composed of modular windows that turn in accordance with their position, creating interesting shadows at different times of day, generating a sense of rotating movement for the building. Second place went to Abraham García for the dynamism of his design proposal, presenting a façade that breaks with the verticality of the nearby buildings, producing a vertical rotation of the building as a result. Without doubt, first place went Daniel Isaías who proposed a "screen-wall" that adapts to the existing geographic conditions, functioning as a filter. He presented a solution to the climatic conditions with the use of concrete and glass, treated differently according to the orientation of the façade. The SMA internal competitions motivate its architects to propose new ideas and demonstrate their design abilities, as well as fostering communication and healthy competition between participants.