• Location Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Status Built
  • Year 2009


  • Mixed Use

Project Leader

  • Humberto Mendoza

Construction Area

  • 395.950 m2

Terrain Area

  • 133.350 m2

A shopping center, an apartment building and an office building make up this complex that frames the Puerta de Hierro (“Iron Gate”) in the city of Guadalajara. A volume of rectangular, uniformly white outlines reproduces an orthogonal grid on its four sides. The shopping center was laid out around a park that defines the spaces, as though it were a large public space immersed within the city’s design. An escalator connected to the parking area makes this the main entrance, and simultaneously composes the garden’s design with an open-air forum as a distributor and a meeting point for multiple activities and social relationships. The architectural starting point for Andares corresponds to a horizontal layout on three levels with shops, a food court, children’s play area, driving range and movie theaters. The formal language of the complex stems from the open spaces and from the layout of the business corridors that boast views of landscaped areas studded with fountains, benches, gazebos and pedestrian bridges built with metal and trans-lucent glass.