Chablé Mar de Cortés
Chablé Mar de Cortés

Chablé Mar de Cortés

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  • Location La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Status In Design
  • Year 2021


  • Hotel and Branded residences

Project Leader

  • Boris Pena

Construction Area

  • 12,792 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 38,045 sqm

The Chablé Mar de Cortés Hotel occupies a site enjoying sweeping views over the Gulf of California in Baja California Sur, among cacti, sinuous sand dunes and the gentle blue hues of the sea. The starting point for the architectural inspiration and concept of this hotel project was to intervene as respectfully as possible the gentle slope of the land.

The organic architecture provides a sheltering function, and not as an accident, it is an echo of the topography, of the waves of the sea, and of the local flora and fauna. Each element that makes up the complex emerges from and adapts to the terrain, as if the architecture had been dug out of the site

A series of layout studies helped to make clear that the architectural parti should be based on a branching system, to achieve an uninterrupted visual connection with the Sea of Cortez, and to achieve more space between each module to generate privacy.

These branches separate the rooms from the rest of the program, with the lobby entrance on the east side of the terrain and the distribution of the room modules and amenities closer to the sea; a spa and gymnasium on the south side and a fine dining restaurant crowning the north side of the complex.

The intention to construct a system of 46 independent room modules was to express a subtly cohesive order while not making it too dense. Each line of rooms is covered by a continuous, lightweight roof that undulates to create greater openness. The continuity of these roofs integrates the elements scattered across the terrain.

In order to systematically order the complex, the standard rooms appear in the “stalk” of each branch while the presidential suites crown each branch. The interior design of each unit responds to the need to generate a sense of privacy and intimacy, so each has its own pool and interior garden.

The symmetry of the built elements of the whole complex, based on structures of laminated wood and concrete, allows the construction to be easily replicable with short construction times. This self-bearing construction system favors exposed materials, meaning the architecture has both an aesthetic and structural function, while at the same time reducing the impact on the site.

The landscape is a fundamental element of this project, with the architecture functioning in a symbiotic manner in order to merge with its context, respecting the natural conditions.

Chablé Mar de Cortés
Chablé Mar de Cortés