Sweetwater Student Housing
Sweetwater Student Housing

Sweetwater Student Housing

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  • Location Sweetwater, Florida
  • Status In design
  • Year 2017


  • Student Residential

Project Leader

  • Rodrigo Flores

Construction Area

  • 377,343 ft2

Terrain Area

  • 33,551 ft2

The intention of this residential project for students was to promote local art through architecture and to increase social interaction within the building.

An efficient solution emerged that allowed us to design the student housing in Sweetwater County Florida, occupying a slender volume that stands out from its context thanks to its height and conspicuous intention.

In response, the heart of the project encloses a large community space. The public, open and frank nature of this prominent void is what gives the building its architectural character, which viewed from the exterior resembles a great canvas, split up in order to exhibit new artistic expressions.

Intended as an extension of the public space, the entrance plaza welcomes users with an extensive natural ambiance, helping to enhance the overall concept of generating community.

The vertical proportions of this open central atrium also enable bioclimatic solutions such as natural illumination and cross-ventilation, and create new dynamics between users, the surroundings and the city.

The interaction between ideas, discourses and the generation of a sense of community takes place here, activating the social life of the students thanks to the range of open spaces.

The most important flows of people take place around this atrium, with the central staging of platforms, terraces and routes. This idea helped to establish a series of public amenities and to trigger multiple social scenarios.

Two primary bays accommodate the program with five room typologies, spatially supporting the central atrium. The program layout follows the same dynamism in circulations and open spaces, which serves to distinguish the complex from others like it.

The principal façades of the building are employed as canvases to become the focal points for exhibiting work by local artists, thereby promoting community values and artistic recognition. The interior design also provides spaces to allow the imagination to flow in response to the works of art.

Sweetwater Student Housing
Sweetwater Student Housing