Forum Barcelona
Forum Barcelona

Forum Barcelona

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  • Location Barcelona, Spain
  • Status In Design - Competition


  • Hotel y Centro de Convenciones

Project Leader

  • Fabiano Continanza

Construction Area

  • 31,200 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 19,579 sqm

SMA was a finalist in Forum Barcelona’s invitation-based international competition to design a new tourist and exhibition complex on the Barcelona seafront.

The project presented connects key concepts in the city’s urban layout—such as the Cerdá Plan and the diagonals in the city grid—with the specific context of the site, using spatial strategies to incentivize improvements to the tourist infrastructure and growth in the zone.

The architecture dialogues with the urban conditions of the city thanks to the arrangement of the volume in two sequential loops that divide the terrain in two and interlace as they run along the perimeter.

As a result, the volumetry extends to the edge of the street, forming a closer connection with the city. Meanwhile, strategic openings activate and propagate different social experiences towards the interior of the complex.

Two semi-indoor courtyards enable the generation of open multi-purpose spaces and the efficient division of services, as well as the functions of the whole.

At the same time this layout explores a new concept of vertical public space, implementing a sculptural vertical circulation at the center of the volume. The purpose of this atrium is to distribute users’ movements in an organic and efficient manner, complementing other more private circulation routes.

Forum Barcelona
Forum Barcelona