Antea Lifestyle Center
Antea Lifestyle Center

Antea Lifestyle Center

  • Year 2013
  • Location Quéretaro, México
  • Status Built

Construction Investment

  • $ 1242 MP

Initial Date

  • February 2012

Termination Date

  • November 2013

Antea Lifestyle Center is located on a 237,000-square-meter site alongside the highway linking Querétaro and San Luis Potosí. One of the most significant challenges to be overcome during construction of the shopping mall was the short completion deadline. The limited time available accelerated the construction program to the extent that an average of 700 square meters were built each day. Together with the need for speed, the design is not simple: the project comprises a number of axes, forming an irregular floor plan that continually alternates between open-air and enclosed spaces. It also has a large area of terraces with differing heights and complex structures. The solution consisted in achieving a structural system that meets safety demands and allows the swiftest construction. A pre-fabricated system developed by INDAGSA was proposed, using double-T prestressed slabs and loadbearing reinforced beams. The innovative aspect of the system relates to the design of the beam, which forms a U-shape in which each face and the base are poured separately. This optimized the use of on-site labor, and made for smaller costs relating to auxiliary equipment such as cranes and formwork. To supply the concrete for both the pre-cast elements and the other requirements of the construction process, a batch plant was set up on site, with technology and cement supplied by CEMEX. A number of different types of concretes were prepared: with a high initial resistance for pre-casting, capable of being pumped over long distances, and with integrated waterproofing for the cisterns and treatment plant.