“The combination of knowledge, experience, teamwork and respect for human capital are the pillars of any project.”

Paola Valencia
Legal Director

Paola Valencia Hidalgo was born in Mexico City in 1979. She studied a degree in Law at the Anáhuac del Sur University, graduating in 2002. She went on to complete a master’s degree in International Business at the Carlos III University in Madrid, from which she graduated in 2004.

Paola joined the Legal Department at Grupo Sordo Madaleno in 2012, and currently occupies the position of Legal Director.

Her range of daily responsibilities include the negotiation of loans, purchase, sale and rental of property, the preparation, review and negotiation of contracts, the formation of companies, the operation and monitoring of trusts, and notarial procedures.

Over a decade of experience in the field endorse her as an expert in legal matters in the real estate sector. Her legal consultation, extensive knowledge, and focus on property law have played a key role in the negotiation of major projects at Grupo Sordo Madaleno.

Her tireless efforts and teamwork have helped to position GSM as a leading firm in the real estate industry.

Projets Paola has been involved in include Antara, Antea Lifestyle Center in Querétaro and Andamar Lifestyle Center in Veracruz. She is currently supporting projects under development including Picacho, the León Shopping Mall, the expansion to Antara I and the Fidecomiso Bursátil Hipotecario (FIBHIOS).

Previously, Paola worked at APT Abogados as a lawyer, at Baita Promoción as Legal Manager between 2005 and 20111, and at Lua & Sandoval as head of the department of Property Law.