Santiago de Haro
Operations Director

Santiago de Haro Pérez Teuffer was born in Mexico City in 1986. He graduated in Business Administration from Anáhuac University and the University of San Diego, Calfornia.

He entered Grupo Sordo Madaleno as Director of Operations in 2013, a position he maintains to this day.

Santiago is responsible for the proper operation of all the developments owned by GSM, including Antara Fashion Hall and Plaza Universidad in Mexico City. In the rest of the country he manages Plaza Satélite and Premium Outlets Punta Norte in the State of Mexico, Antea Lifestyle Center in Querétaro, Angelópolis and Luxury Hall in Puebla, and Andamar Lifestyle Center in Veracruz. On top of this, he is in charge of the preparations and other actions involved in operation of GSM’s future developments, such as the León shopping mall in Guanajuato, and the Picacho mixed-use development in Mexico City.

Thanks to his exceptional human qualities and social concern, since 2006 Santiago has been both president and a member of the boards of leading civil associations, such as “Rompiendo Barreras” and “Somos Agua”.

His undoubted facility for managing and operating a large number of properties at the same time without losing sight of the details of any of them has clearly boosted the growth of the group’s operations. His experience is reflected in his carefully-guided daily work, together with the resounding success of each of the developments he operates.

In the past, he worked with IXE Financial Group in the department of Financial Analysis in 2007, before joining its Institutional Equity Sales department. In 2009 he moved to the Business department of Kimberly-Clark, and in 2012 became head of the company’s main business, which represents 65% of its total sales.