ARTZ Pedregal construction progress

ARTZ Pedregal construction progress

SMC reaches street level with ARTZ Pedregal, the most recent Real Estate development by Grupo Sordo Madaleno

With work commencing in 2015, the most recent development by GSM, ARTZ Pedregal, has achieved a 60% progress in construction of parking levels.

Site reports indicate that parts of the project have been completed up to street level, completing the six floors of parking and services.

With the footprint of the first, 12-story tower, SMC embarks on phase one of the construction of ARTZ Pedregal, comprising three office towers, a shopping mall and a central park.

At this rate of work it is expected that the 390,000 m2 of built area will be completed by the end of next year, thus establishing itself as the iconic mixed-use development in the south of the city.