Directors of Sordo Madaleno offer IDEA keynote speech at UAM

Directors of Sordo Madaleno offer IDEA keynote speech at UAM

Boris Pena and Rodrigo Flores, project leaders at Sordo Madaleno, presented the inaugural keynote speech at the conference ”Innovation in Design, Transforming Processes 2017” at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

On September 5, the two Project Leaders presented an overview of SMA’s most iconic projects to demonstrate the significant consolidation of architectural design that has taken place in the third generation of the architecture firm.

Their lecture continued with a more detailed presentation of the conceptual discourse, the creative process and the development of the architectural project for the Massimo Dutti Masaryk flagship store, one of SMA’s recent works that has been awarded several international prizes.

To round off the keynote, they spoke about the working focus and architectural perspective that has consolidated how architecture is created at Sordo Madaleno.

The project directors shared the stage with guests from Mexico, including Gabriela Carrillo from Taller Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo, and from abroad, such as Stephen Melamed, industrial designer at the University of Illinois, Chicago.[ ... ]17-idea/5026309