From the outset, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos was established on a solid foundation and according to a philosophy of everyday life that treats clients as guests, and employees as an irreplaceable part of the team.

The firm is defined by its constant reinvention, both in terms of architecture and design, and in its aspirations and search for new challenges. This perspective confirms and proves that each project is different, where the sole element that links all the projects is the passion for quality and excellence in architectural design. When a project is presented to the firm it is meticulously examined in order to enhance its social, ethical, design and programmatic value, expanding its potential beyond the initial set of requirements.

At SMA, we are aware there is no single formula for success or for design. Each project adapts to its own specific circumstances with regard to the client, context and budget.

SMA always ends up establishing a close relationship with its clients, since all projects begin as a conversation about ideas and dreams, which brings together both sides as they move towards the same goal.

The working team welcomes diversity as a way of thinking independently as part of a team, and fosters space for growth as well as individual creative expression.

A constant concern with creating a better city has led the firm to become involved with projects that have a significant social and urban impact, which have been shown to regenerate their surrounding area over time, adding value and creating new urban conditions. Extending this commitment to society and the environment, SMA has implemented international environmental certification for its projects, and has supported countless projects pro bono which have a positive impact on improving quality of life.