Corasol Golf Villas
Corasol Golf Villas

Corasol Golf Villas

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  • Location Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • Status Under construction
  • Year Future


  • Residential

Project Leader

  • Luis Hernández

Construction Area

  • 3 typologies: 280 sqm, 380 sqm, 500 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 515 sqm

Corasol Golf Villas emerges in response to the high level of demand for residential projects on the Rivera Maya corridor. The requirements of a rapidly developing market established the criteria for conceptualizing the project as modular progressive housing.

The task of the designers was to provide a flexible single-family project that meets the specific needs of potential inhabitants; for this reason, the internal modulation of each unit proved to be the most consistent and adaptable solution.

A grid set within a cuboid volume created on the basis of a 4.3m x 4.3m grid furnishes the layout of the program by room: lounge, dining, kitchen, bedrooms, services, etc.

Each home may range from 280m2 to 500m2 with the preliminary spaces determined (kitchen, dining, lounge, 3 en-suite bedrooms, terraces, and pool), or grow exponentially to reach the full 500m2; this is an initial condition to resolve the 60 units requested for the planned residential complex. The spatial flexibility mentioned may cover two or three floors in each unit.

The range of layouts using these modules expands the internal spatial solutions, allowing for approximately 16 initial prototypes while remaining versatile, progressive and potentially unlimited.

The form of the façade is determined by the function: spans, voids, and enclosures reflect the internal definition of each space. It is a square grid pattern that achieves proportions and connections in keeping with the context and articulated with wooden brise-soleils that function as a passive system for controlling solar gain.

Corasol Golf Villas
Corasol Golf Villas