• Location Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Status Built
  • Year 2019


  • Mixed Use

Project Leader

  • Andrés Cajiga

Construction Area

  • 279.600 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 58.740 sqm

Midtown establishes itself in Guadalajara as a mixed-use project that will furnish the city with new commercial and entertainment spaces, together with a significant hotel and office provision for the western region of Mexico.

In response to the robust growth of the city, this complex is sited on a trapezoidal site measuring 58,000 sqm to the north-west of Guadalajara city center. Respect for the existing vegetation and urban integration were guidelines that served to define the positioning and volumetry of the development.

The principal entrance plaza, which establishes a dialogue with the wooded area on the southern side of the project, is conceived as an element that generates and integrates the complex, and forms the distribution space for the different architectural programs, divided into commercial, offices and hotel.

The three-story volume of the shopping center incorporates restaurants, bars, boutiques, cinemas and a supermarket, following a perimeter layout. The circulation of users in this destination is around a C-shaped, internal street defined by a series of V-shaped columns. These spaces create corridors that open up the project to the city.

The cinema zone is a transparent volume that presents a unique appearance, thanks to the choice of materials for the façade and the direct visual relationship with the plaza, the office building and the rest of the complex.

Availing of the pleasant local climate, the center of the third level of the complex is occupied by a large, 5,700m2 park with green areas, galleries, fountains and a food market that offers a cultural and recreational experience. Meanwhile, the ground floor of the eastern end of the complex presents a second area of 1,800 sqm intended for a number of restaurants, similarly presented in an open space fostering social interaction. Both are housed within a semi-open geometric roof formed from triangles, which provides for controlled ventilation and insolation.

To the west, the building containing the hotel reaches a height of eight floors with a built area of 17,600 sqm and offers 226 rooms together with shared amenities including swimming pool, gymnasium and events room. The “sense of arrival” is established to one side of the principal plaza, where a small but instinctive lobby begins the journey into the hotel, located on the third floor of the shopping mall.

The stand-out element in the complex, inserted at the front of the site, is the 27-story office tower, each floor offering 1,200 m2 of built space. The tower reaches a height of 147 meters and establishes itself as one of the tallest in Guadalajara. A sky lobby on the second floor constitutes the transition zone between users of the shopping center and of the offices.

The exposed structure of the tower performs the role of the envelope, synthesized in the junctions of the steel bracing system and the transparency of the glass. Functionally, this slender volume is structured by a central circulation nucleus and a perimeter steel skeleton, enabling open-plan floors that offer great flexibility in the internal distribution. On the exterior, on the narrowest façade, four terraces are generated using extruded blocks. The specification of efficient materials and technologies, both inside and outside, ensure the characteristics required to secure LEED Gold certification.

To satisfy the demand for parking space it was necessary to build four underground levels; the first three are for the shopping center and the hotel, while the fourth is for office use and the valet parking service.

In urban planning terms, the donation of a strip of the site is incorporated into the design making it possible to reverse the direction of one of the secondary roads, in order to mitigate the expected impact on the highway infrastructure resulting from the increased vehicular traffic in the zone.