Origina Pedregal
Origina Pedregal

Origina Pedregal

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  • Location Mexico City
  • Status Under construction
  • Year Future


  • Residential

Project Leader

  • Andrés Cajiga. Interior Design: Nadia Borrás

Construction Area

  • 89,051 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 13,158 sqm

In the Pedregal area in the south of Mexico City, Origina Pedregal emerges as a new high-rise living residential project that seeks to foster community and function as an extension of the adjacent green areas.

It is a high-end residential space comprising two high-rise apartment blocks with 300 units each. They rise to 124 meters and occupy a rectangular prism, the long sides oriented East-West with the intention of exploiting natural light to the full.

As a high-density project, several different designs and habitability models were considered, resulting in an architectural plan that is guided by the concept of creating a community inside and functioning as an extension of the adjacent green areas, while prioritizing common areas.

Each tower stands apart from regular residential projects with its incorporation of a series of sky gardens as open green spaces occupying four floors distributed over three sections throughout the tower, designed to promote social interaction among residents.

Across the total of 34 floors of the project, each tower presents six different typologies of apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms, and from 40 m2 to 218 m2. Each unit includes a balcony.

The vertical circulation nucleus is positioned at the center of the floor plan. The various amenities are incorporated into the ground floor and mezzanine of tower 1, including a Co-working Space, Teens’ Place, Gym, Beauty Salon, Yoga Salon, Café and Media Room within the community spaces.

The landscaping concept proposes an organic method of creating new atmospheres and microclimates, designing large grounds around the towers with different leisure areas, including a mini-golf, and allowing nature to enter the lower floors of tower 2 with a pool of water.

Origina Pedregal
Origina Pedregal