Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic
Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic

Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic

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  • Location Querétaro, Querétaro
  • Status Built
  • Year 2013


  • Health

Project Leader

  • Alejandro Coeto

Construction Area

  • 13.735 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 45.130 sqm

Since 1999 the Teletón Foundation has undertaken a great effort to attend to the needs of disabled children. In pursuit of the same ideals, it created the Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic (HITO) to support children with cancer, in response to one of the leading causes of death in Mexico. The city of Querétaro was chosen for its central location in the country, and its high rates of growth and development.

The architectural concept is based on the idea of a chain of cells making different movements, which represented the principle of cell regeneration. Each of these cells is represented by a volume, to give a total of nine sections, which contain the entire project within their curving form.

On the façade, each volume plays with a different inclination and has a series of vertical brackets that function as structural columns, eliminating the need for internal columns, as well as protecting from excess solar gain. They also highlight the movement of each volume to achieve a visual language that maintains the architectural identity of the 21 CRIT (Children Rehabilitation Centers -Teletón). The HITO is located on an elevated site with an undulating topography that provides extensive views over the city.

Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic
Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic