• Location Monterrey, Nuevo León
  • Status Under Construction
  • Year 2020


  • Mixed Use

Project Leader

  • Alejandro Quiros

Construction Area

  • 8.590 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 1.660 sqm

Volga stands in one of the most exclusive and best developed zones of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Nuevo León, as a major mixed-use project combining offices with retail spaces that takes advantage of its excellent location to make a strong statement of contemporary architecture.

Employing a sober and elegant formal language defined by a laterally-displaced volume, the complex has a pleasant pedestrian scale and a strong urban presence. The architectural design comprises two independent volumes, affording a clear interpretation of each use.

The building covers five floors: the first level is assigned to retail and the upper four floors to offices, with an average usable floor area of 500 m2 per level, with a flexible spatial layout.

One of the most notable formal characteristics is the striking 14 m cantilever which spatially defines the terrace area for the ground floor retail, while the space generates by the intersection of the two volumes on the second floor also creates pleasant open areas.

The glass façade combines with aluminum louvers designed to save energy and to provide a sense of privacy to the offices. Meanwhile, the exterior finish specified for the perimeter sidewalks employs natural granite, in continuity with the aesthetic of the immediate surroundings.

The project comprises four underground parking levels and spaces for the various machine rooms and amenities required on these floors.