Antea Lifestyle Center
Antea Lifestyle Center

Antea Lifestyle Center

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  • Location Querétaro, Querétaro
  • Status Built
  • Year 2013


  • Commercial

Project Leader

  • Humberto Mendoza

Construction Area

  • 251.886 sqm

Terrain Area

  • 237.420 sqm

Antea arose from the desire of the citizens of Querétaro to be part of a “great city” and, in their experience, all that was lacking was a first-class shopping mall, since in terms of history, cuisine and colonial architecture, they had everything. More than a shopping mall, Antea is a lifestyle statement for the city of Querétaro and the surrounding area, and is today the second largest mall in Latin America. The project is located on a 237,000-square-meter site, twenty minutes from the center of the city.

The development of the design for Antea began with a linear north-south scheme with an anchor store at each end and one in the central section. The retail area is spread over a large open central atrium that forms the backbone of the green space and is where the retail stores are located.

Antea Lifestyle Center
Antea Lifestyle Center