Arbolada Lomas
Arbolada Lomas

Arbolada Lomas

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  • Location Mexico City, Mexico
  • Status Built
  • Year 2006


  • Residential

Project Leader

  • Jose Maria Zarazúa
  • Humberto Mendoza
  • Javier Zarazúa

Construction Area

  • 54.465 m2

This residential complex stands on the junction of Paseo de la Reforma Boulevard with Constituyentes Avenue, in northwest Mexico City. Four interconnected blocks make up the project in an arrangement marked by symmetry and rhythm. The façade of the main building is home to four floors of offices and six underground parking areas, and was designed on the basis of the interplay of white volumes that stand out from each other and take on a triangular profile, which is the project’s first reference point. On the opposite side, the site’s natural topography frames an identical building with 15 floors and 58 apartments looking out on a lush, tree-covered area at the back. Two smaller towers extend perpendicular to the first, with 11 floors and 10 apartments each, for a total of 78 living spaces. Integrating each element, a ring of plants encircles a central green area that functions as an outdoor foyer from which the paths lead inside. This is the transition point where the complex’s different spaces converge, becoming a green mirror that reflects the volume of the buildings.

Arbolada Lomas
Arbolada Lomas