IEnova Corporate
IEnova Corporate

IEnova Corporate

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  • Location Mexico City, Mexico
  • Status Built
  • Year 2014


  • Office

Project Leader

  • Nadia Borrás

Construction Area

  • 2.204 sqm

Located on floors 24 and 25 of a high-rise building on one of Mexico City’s major avenues, Sordo Madaleno Architects was entrusted to design 22,809 m2 of IENOVA’s Corporate Offices.

The general layout was planned with two corridors for different flows of people: one for visitors located near the nucleus and the other for employees closer to the façade. The intermediate elements between the two corridors comprise a series of spaces contained between wood and glass screens, accommodating small groups of private offices.

The interior screen or façade accompanying the visitors’ corridor has an organic shape with a thin curving ribbon of transparent glass set in solid wood, with the aim of blocking the view from the hallway and providing privacy in either direction.

The screen accompanying the employees’ corridor maintains the same concept but in the inverse sense, being made wholly from curved glass with curved details and organic shapes in wood. This effect allows natural light into the private offices.

The curved geometry of the building generates a vanishing perspective along the hallways, creating a sense of mystery on the journey down the corridor and a visual effect making distances appear shorter.

A sculptural spiral staircase connects the two floors of the corporate offices.

IEnova Corporate
IEnova Corporate