JSMH Apartment
JSMH Apartment

JSMH Apartment

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  • LOCATION Mexico City
  • status Built
  • year 2015


  • Residential

Project Leader

  • Enrique Ralph

Construction Area

  • 275 sqm

Following a thorough renovation, this 14th-floor penthouse was transformed into one of the most desirable apartments in Mexico City thanks to its design and extraordinary location looking over Chapultepec park. Each item of furniture was expressly designed for this project, with the aim of achieving a functional and highly aesthetic space.

The public area of the apartment was designed to allow the possibility of merging with all the surrounding spaces to achieve maximum floor space and fluid circulations. The living-dining area was seen as a dynamic and versatile space that can adapt itself to different uses. For this reason, the dining table was designed as a large block of marble that functions both as a bar and a table, with a system to conceal the expanding cover, giving room to sit comfortably to eat.

Behind the bar a large bookcase also operates as bar shelving. The sense of space in this room is boosted by the interplay of the mirrors set into this shelving and the entrance door to the master bedroom on the far side. This door is clad in a bronze mirror and offers the possibility of linking this bedroom with the lounge. It was designed to accommodate a magnificent, large-format painting by Bosco Sodi.

The family room is located adjacent to the lounge, defined by a lower ceiling height of 2.40 m that creates an intimate, yet spacious, room. Its height reflects the second floor constructed within the apartment to accommodate the second bedroom and service area.

The TV cabinet is an original and versatile design, conceived as a large block divided into two. The lower section was manufactured in black steel, and houses an ethanol fireplace facing the lounge. The upper section is a solid block clad in marble that can be rotated 180°, meaning the screen can be viewed from both the family room and the lounge.

The terrace is the heart of the apartment, connecting the public area with the master bedroom across its broad expanse offering outstanding views over the city. When both sliding windows are opened the boundary between inside and outside is blurred, creating a very pleasant, integrated space. With outdoor furniture, planting around the edges, and a table with built-in fireplace, this is the perfect space to enjoy at any time of day.

The master bedroom is a luxury suite with exceptional views over Chapultepec park, and with its own terrace. The black mirror-clad dressing room is separated by a curtain, while the bathroom enjoys excellent views towards the Polanco neighborhood.

JSMH Apartment
JSMH Apartment