Luxury Hall
Luxury Hall

Luxury Hall

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  • Location Puebla, Mexico
  • Status Built
  • Year 2010


  • Commercial

Project Leader

  • Javier Sordo Madaleno de Haro

Construction Area

  • 9.963 m2

Terrain Area

  • 5.378 m2

As a result of the social, commercial and real estate success of the Angelópolis shopping mall in 1998, 12 years later an extension was developed, named Luxury Hall to suggest its exclusive character.

The extension comprises two retail levels with an independent external access through an open plaza with restaurants, and from the interior via a connection to the principal gallery of the existing mall. It comprises 17 stores on the ground floor and 19 on the upper level, together with a café area, forming a unique ambience with its gardened areas, fountains, terraces, changes in level and rest areas. The sensation of expansiveness and of being outdoors was achieved through the use of natural elements and views to the open sky, together with plant varieties harmonized with materials like wood and granite. All of the stores are visible at once from any part of the complex.

Luxury Hall
Luxury Hall