Monterrey y Álvaro Obregón
Monterrey y Álvaro Obregón

Monterrey y Álvaro Obregón

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  • Project Leader Arq. Juan Sordo Madaleno
  • Year 1940
  • Program Residencial


  • Ciudad de México
  • México

Associate Architect

  • Arq. Augusto H. Álvarez

This seven-story building with commercial premises on the ground floor was designed in collaboration with Augusto­ H. Álvarez. According to Israel Katzman, it was an apartment building whose setback structure was one of the first in Mexico to emphasize the “horizontal elongation­ of solids­ and voids.” On the side facing Álvaro Obregón avenue the building presents alternating windows and terraces that recall Le Corbusier’s “Immeubles Villas.” The façade overlooking Insurgentes and Monterrey avenues is treated quite differently, making it look like a separate building.