Westin Regina Los Cabos Hotel
Westin Regina Los Cabos Hotel

Westin Regina Los Cabos Hotel

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  • Location Los Cabos, Baja California
  • Status Built
  • Architect Partner Arq. José de Yturbe Bernal

Project Leader

  • Humberto Mendoza


  • 1994


  • Hotel

Construction Area

  • 70.000 m2

Terrain Area

  • 120.000 m2

The peninsula of Baja California is a semi-desert landscape with ocher and reddish tones that contrast with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortes to create an exotic natural combination that is unique in the world. The irregular topography produces solemn natural formations overlooking the sea, and within this marvelous site is found the “Cerro Colorado,” home to this extraordinary project, a watershed in the international hotel industry and one of the most significant and striking projects to be built in Mexico.

The project concept arises from the idea of creating an “oasis” in the desert that produces unique and warm sensations, taking advantage of the outstanding location and natural surroundings of the site.

The “oasis” is created by the emplacement of the project’s most prominent volume, a great curved wall that is integrated and merges with the existing topography. This large element contains the oasis within it, with a microclimate of water and exuberant vegetation to provide a comfortable setting at any time of year.

The curved wall is a volume containing the 238 rooms which offer sea views on the convex face of the curve, while the circulation areas on the inside of the curve look over the oasis.

The most striking feature of the Westin Regina hotel in Los Cabos is the “window to the sea” which is a large opening in the center of the curved wall. The dimensions are spectacular: it is six floors high and ten meters wide. This grand gesture frames an extraordinary view of the sea and makes an impressive visual contrast from the interior right through to the hotel reception area. It is also a threshold that communicates the interior with the exterior. Passing through this opening leads on to the area of swimming pools and water features, which are laid out in an organic manner and extend down to sea level. This organic design gives the impression that the horizon of the pool stretches out to merge with the horizon of the sea.

Westin Regina Los Cabos Hotel
Westin Regina Los Cabos Hotel