Nadia Borrás
Interior Design Director

Nadia Borras Markovic graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1994. Over almost 25 years of professional career she has been closely involved with developing designs for different types of buildings, including corporate, commercial and residential buildings, and hotels and hospitals.

Her assiduous quest to bring together the visual function of spaces with the structural logic of the project has led her to develop a design philosophy based on the integration of the all the various elements. The conceptual starting point is the creation of timeless interior spaces that generate inspiring experiences and atmospheres. She responds to the exterior architecture and designs the interior as a whole, which results in harmonious spaces defined by materials and color palettes that match the very nature of the project.

“In reality, designing is like alchemy: it is a question of finding the harmonious manner of combining, assembling, bringing together and transforming a number of ingredients with passion and clarity in order to meet a need and trigger a sensation.”

Her constant commitment to coordinate the design efforts through teamwork to achieve an interior design project that exceeds clients’ expectations without losing sight of the budget has led her to become Interiors Leader at Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos since 2008.

Her daily tasks at the firm include resolving design problems in an analytical and meticulous fashion, with great attention to detail and quality. Her passionate creativity, precise arguments, persuasion, commitment and discipline have all been displayed in each project, without losing sight of the pleasure in design.

As part of this process, Nadia always tries to involve clients in the team in order to achieve a meticulous analysis from the outset of the project.

With previous professional experience gained in other leading architecture and interior design firms, such as KMD, Nadia possesses an excellent capacity in the development and coordination of teams on the different phases of architectural and interior design, as well as in the design of furnishings and graphics.

Her interest in developing and applying sustainable design systems led her to take the Diploma in Sustainable Design and Construction at the Iberoamericana University in 2007, and the Masters in Bioclimatic Architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2004.