10 Quick Marketing Tips for Architects

Wrriten by: Rosalba Rojas | July 12, 2017

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In this short article I’m going to share the 10 basic marketing tips for architects. I’m going to go into each of these in more detail in upcoming posts, in each chapter in the series “Marketing for Architects.”

  1. Maintain a presence on social networks – not with your personal profile but with a business/company profile. Choose one to three social networks that interest you, so you can keep them fully updated. There’s no need to be on every network, just the ones that you find worthwhile!
  2. Invest in professional photographers. The work and effort that it took for you to create a work of architecture is enormous, and deserves being photographed professionally. These will be useful for many purposes, including showing your work to potential clients, and for other platforms: networks, portfolio, blogs, publications, and many more!
  3. Document your processes. Record, photograph, catalogue and store the documents from the creative process you followed to reach the final result for your project. Examples include models, drawings, plans, soft-renders, and so on. Many people make the mistake of throwing these away and only keeping the final construction documents, but the record of the process is very valuable.
  4. Curate, curate, curate… Think, generate, develop, edit, select and re-think what you want to publish and communicate in each of your channels of communication.
  5. Take part in national and international competitions. Research and get involved. According to the size, profile, program, status and age of the project, they can be entered for different prizes. Entering competitions not only gives you the opportunity for your work to be recognized but also helps to position the name of your firm at new levels. Don’t forget that the prize juries are usually formed of well-known people and they will be evaluating your project. Many magazines and platforms also organize their own prizes, including WAF + INSIDE, WAN+WIN, A+ Awards by Architizer, IIDA, P/A Awards by ARCHITECT
  6. Generate your own content. Share experiences, processes, and ideas. Your content should always be supported by images or video. By itself, text doesn’t attract as much attention.
  7. Create a visual identity for your company and potentially for each of your projects, but make sure this communication is consistent. Aligning all of your communication with the same visual language projects professionalism, structure, passion for detail and consistency. Don’t underestimate this!
  8. Take advantage of digital tools to appear on search engines. For example, register with Google My Business to make sure search engines find your company and recognize your area of activity. This also helps you to appear on Google Maps.
  9. Link up as much as you can: website + social networks + search engines + mentions on other platforms + backlinks + hyperlinks + etc. This ensures the digital world recognizes you as a single entity with different channels of communication.
  10. Publish your work! There are many ways of publishing: specialist international architecture websites (ArchDaily, Dezeen, Designboom, Divisare), print media (magazines, books) which most likely also have an online edition, specialist open platforms where you can register an account (Architizer, Archello, Architonic, Houzz, Homify…), social networks, etc. The quality and profile of your architectural proposal will be evaluated by the editors of the platforms and this will determine if your work is published.

Read more about the Marketing for Architects series here.

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