8 steps for making creativity a profitable asset

Wrriten by: Daniela Cruz | June 2, 2017

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The characteristics that define us as a prestigious architecture firm include creativity, which is reflected in our projects. It is an aspect of vital importance that fills our studio, but we have asked ourselves: what do we need to do to make creativity profitable and measurable and how do we enhance it to achieve the best results?

Originally published in Fast Company as “How to Achieve Profitable Creativity. The Secret Fuel of Exceptional Companies,” the article by Charles Day offers insight into how to apply eight effective methods for studying in a practical and emotional manner the current status of the company and modify, on the basis of this analysis, the organizing principles required to establish creativity as a profitable activity.

Themes such as inspiration, recognition, democracy, motivation and commitment are explored by Charles Day, who presents them as essential to moving a firm towards creative thinking and rigor, as occurs in architecture studios.

Read more about profitable creativity here.


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