Do you know the correct definition of mixed-use in architecture?

Wrriten by: Redacción Sordo Madaleno | June 15, 2017

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One of the architectural pillars of Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos’ practice is the enhancement of the immediate context, as we can observe in mixed-use projects like Antara in Mexico City and Andares in Guadalajara. We focus on this because we believe that a deep urban impact leads to the redensification, regeneration, recovery of public space, new uses and scales in a desirable area, thereby generating cities that are more compact and relaying our principal commitment to cities and their inhabitants.

The interesting blog written by Grupo 4S, in its section Real Estate Innovation, touches on a fairly basic, but fundamental theme in their article “The biggest confusion about mixed-use architecture” on how this kind of architecture is understood. People know it incorporates different typologies and programs, but it is generally understood in an erroneous and limited manner. We would like to share with you a more accurate explanation that matches our own architectural philosophy.

“By definition, mixed uses must integrate with PROXIMITY compatible uses that ACTIVATE a specific community. Proximity doesn’t only mean physical integration. It also means human, pedestrian scale,” explains Carlos Muñoz of 4S.

It is very easy to say that a project is mixed-use, but at bottom it goes far beyond a simple sum “offices + retail” to become a responsibility for architects, developers and clients to grant the greatest importance to the people who will occupy the project.

The article continues: “Activating the mixed real-estate development implies a new mindset of dialogue with the city, not just stacking up different uses to achieve better financial proformas.”

So, is this a better definition of mixed-use in architecture: what do you think?

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