Introduction to Marketing for Architects

Wrriten by: Rosalba Rojas | June 21, 2017

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The specialization in Marketing for Architecture is a relatively new field arising from the increasing recognition of the value it contributes to a firm and its projects in terms of publicity and positioning, and the subsequent positive impact on many other areas (including new projects).

This is a specialized and “new” field that requires knowledge not only of architecture but also of markets, general and specialist print and digital media, PR, positioning, content generation, communication strategy, new technologies, branding, photography, editing, storytelling, management, and many more. It is no surprise that the area is seeing increasing demand but is still only available to study in a few, limited places.

Only a few architecture firms in Mexico have an internal Marketing department (a.k.a. publicity, communication, and media), and in general these firms are of a larger size or scope. There are also a number of firms that rely on the few specialized agencies. However in most cases the founding architect or partner is their own promoter, which is ideal! However, there are many situations where it is hard to be both judge and jury, or where there is a risk of seeming narcissistic instead of promoting the firm.

In this blog, each month I will share a chapter from the series “Marketing for Architects” with advice that I hope can be of use to any architect (as well as graphic designers, artists and bohemians of all kinds) who has no idea how to approach the issue. It will cover the basics as well as more specialized topics, without forgetting that marketing is a complex, dynamic world without fixed formulas. It is not an exact science and determined by different human factors that today are changing faster than ever…

Finally, I’d like to emphasize you don’t need to have been established for centuries or have thousands of employees, or be a genius to begin to take an active interest in promoting your work. All you need is a lot of common sense, some time to dedicate to it, willingness to learn a handful of techniques, and above all know the direction you want to take.

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