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Wrriten by: Redacción Sordo Madaleno | August 2, 2017

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Today, August 2nd, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos embarks on a new adventure. We are entering the publishing world in order to participate in the creation of original texts on issues of importance and opinions relating to our work. Ideas that we are passionate about and wish to share.

We are proud to present SMBloggin’!

SMBloggin’ has been created as an open space for publication to put our experience and practice in reach of all. This project is also part of the celebrations for our 80th anniversary, and will incorporate all our areas of activity: architecture, interior design, real-estate development and construction, together with the complementary departments that comprise the office support.

This is a flexible, dynamic and friendly space for curious minds. Our motivation and interest is to transmit ideas, knowledge and experience developed by the company. The aim is to serve as a window for all those interested in learning how we operate, what we think and how we act.

At SMBloggin’ you will also find our latest news, articles on issues of general interest, specialist opinions of guest bloggers and our partners. All of this will express our own voice with the intention of continuing to contribute to the network of knowledge available on the vast world of the Internet.

We appreciate your comments and we will be continually working to improve. Welcome!

SMA Marketing team
Daniela Cruz – Editor
Rosalba Rojas – Director of Media and Marketing

Contact us at blog@sma.com.mx

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